Enable businesses to subscribe to your goods.
The future of retail, powered by allgood™.

Our subscription hub connects you to new business customers while streamlining the operations required for hardware subscriptions.

What’s in store for you and your customers?

Subscription enablement can unlock new customers, drive new revenue and catalyse your brand’s transition to sustainability – all through a seamless ecosystem embedded at point of sale.

Generate recurring revenue.

With monthly payments over 12-36 months, you can maximise the value of your products and earn recurring revenue over the long term.

Capture new customers.

Allgood enables small businesses and startups to access hardware they may not otherwise purchase, unlocking a new channel of long-term business customers.

Maximise return on your goods.

Through hardware subscriptions, you can earn more revenue over a product’s lifetime than you would otherwise from its single sale transaction.

Benefits to your customers

Access to the latest hardware on demand

Reduction of capital expenditures

Stronger cash flow

Tax deductible expenses

Ability to scale hardware supply as needed

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Rethinking retail to unlock a sustainable future.

Hardware subscriptions maximise product usage and ensure end-of-life management is built into every product’s life cycle, minimising e-waste. With allgood™, your business can better achieve sustainability targets and help to build a greener future.